Altered Design (Mechanical Advantage Book 2)

Alphy needs a guide, a pilot, and a companion. Who knew that Lexo could fit all requirements?

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Alphy needs a guide, a pilot, and a companion. Who knew that Lexo could fit all requirements?

Alone on a station with only the voices in her head, Alphy needs to get in touch with the humans who are left out in space, and that means moving her ship. The trouble that she has is that the station was never designed to be flown by someone who didn’t even have a driving license.
Lexo has only been out of stasis for less than a week, but he jumps at the chance to leave his sister and her lover behind to seek out the bliss of the stars once again. Programmed to rage against the enemy, he must work to keep himself calm when confronted with a woman who activates his nervous system on sight. Lust has to take a back seat to the flight of the station; he just needs to find out what the huge ship is actually designed to do.
When Alphy finds out that there have been changes made to her systems, she must face being a freak among cyborgs with her altered design.

Alphy was checking the trajectory toward the battle base when an incoming alert echoed through the facility.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.” She tried to find out which sensors had given the alert, but the intruder alarm sounded before she could.
She got to her feet and sprinted for the weapons’ locker. Alphy wasn’t really good with weapons, but the new targeting system that had been designed into her implants increased her chances of hitting a target exponentially.
Every bit of experimental enhancement to human cognition was at her disposal, so she downloaded stealth techniques and brought up the interior schematic of the station. She had to protect the brains, and that meant the junction of the only two corridors that led the way.
With three large weapons that were point-and-shoot by design, she sprinted down the halls to get to that junction. They might be annoying, but they were hers to protect. She might want to kill them, but no one else was allowed to.
The cheering in her mind was hushed when she growled at them. She needed all her concentration for keeping her newly downloaded battle skills in place.